Sunday, April 13, 2014

Finding my way

You know how sometimes a new mommy will feel like she completely lost her personality when she gives birth and feels like she kind of lost her way? Well let me tell you a secret...that is not just for new mommys! Here I am third child in and felt like my personality went buh-bye. I truly thought I knew who I was and was 100 percent confident that I would not change.

For a sec I was worried that I had postpartum depression. I remember warning my husband that if I seemed off please just take me me out. But postpartum depression didn't seem like a fit for what I was feeling. I was stumbling around all over the place feeling lost but I wasn't unhappy. I still found joy in things like photography, drawing, home decor, homeschooling along with the opportunities that came along with it. I found joy in being around my fact I felt a longing whenever I was away from ANY of them.  And a side note...not that I didn't miss them before but my god there were days I could not wait to get away for an hour!

Another "secret" I want to let you in's okay to not know who you are ALL the time. It's okay to feel like you are starting over even if your the only one starting over while surrounded by people you care for and who care for you.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Hello Jacob

I am in love all over again. Jacob is such a sweet baby and we are so happy this guy is finally here. I was 43 weeks and 1 day when the active labor finally started. And MY GOD he is an awesome sleeper (thankyou thankyou thankyou!!). He is breast fed and feeds on demand so during the day he eats every 2-3 hours and will nurse for about 15 mins. But at night eat will eat longer and eats every 4 hours. So while my 9 hours of sleep is broken up it is still 9 hours!

I will have more pictures soon!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Baby bean has arrived!

I am in absolute baby bliss right now. Our little man, who we have officially named Jacob Wyatt (affectionately grumpy squeaks depending on his mood) arrived february 28th at 7 am weighing 8 pounds 12 ounces. Home birth was quite the experience and I will for sure be sharing. But at the moment I am blogging from my phone for 2 reasons.

1. By midwives request I am on relaxed bed rest. Meaning even though birth went great they request that moms stay either in bed or on the couch for two weeks. I am in bed upstairs with Jacob since everyone else has the sniffles!

2. Jacob absolutely refuses to let me put him down! I can't even go pee without having him freak out. And forget anyone else holding him....

So here I am in bed typing up a quick post to let you know we are doing amazing. Tired, weepy since my milk came in, and I'm all hormonal but amazing still.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

41 weeks and a no show

Just saying hey! Still no baby here and my midwives are scheduling a 42 week ultrasound to check to make sure the placenta is doing it's job.

As I said I have plenty of things to write about...just not enough time to write it just yet. See ya when I can!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

moccasins found here

Where in the world have I been? Okay first let me get something out of the way. My due date is the 6th of Feb....NOT the 19th. That is in 5 days. And I have been feeling incredibly baby ready. Oh wow. How did I mess that one up?? When I told my grandma I couldn't believe I got the date wrong she automatically said "well I can!". In a loving way of course. Jake can't understand why I keep putting the blame on myself for this one but I fully have a reason! My midwife would say that I was a week and couple days ahead then what I was coming up with. All this time I never felt the need to correct her....I thought she was just rounding up or taking a guess! I finally "corrected" her about five days ago and turns out I was wrong! I feel like if I would have said something sooner it would have not have been such a shock. what it is and we just gotta go with it. And I am pretty excited that it's sooner. No matter what, baby bean would have arrived when he sees fit so not much difference I guess! Certainly puts things on a different schedule though. Well as scheduled as it can possibly be. All I know is my body likes to be pregnant for a long time. I was induced with both of my kids slightly over 41 weeks so there is no telling how long I can go!

Okay back to where I have been. I have been bonding with my kids. Playing, taking them random places, getting ideas from them for gifts from the "baby" and having them look at things to give to the baby. Been trying to get this place baby ready and mother and sister in law ready! They are taking over homeschool while I bond with my newbie. Basically I have been making sure I have everything I could possibly have all things ready for them. That and getting their rooms in order along with disinfecting my room and bathrooms since that is where I picture I will give birth. Of course I have been nesting so I  have all of the tiny clothes washed and organized. Been setting up his bed and all those fun things. But also something I really wish I would have known about midwives is you have to do everything on your own! I mean I knew there would be things I had to decide on (glucose test etc) but then they tell you how you need to schedule all these hearing tests, get your own birth certificate forms etc. Gathering kits and household items that help with the birth.Which are just things I didn't think about! Not complaining at all but it was a shock (and a friendly heads up for anyone who decides to home prepared to have a longer to do list)

Another exciting thing is I don't get to leave the house for 2 weeks by request of my midwives. So I have all the excuses/orders in the world to basically do NOTHING. I am so looking forward to that. If you have had a midwife you might already know this but midwives also handle the newborn care so they come to your house and if you have a healthy baby there isn't any need to go anywhere. Plus we finally found a holistic family doctor that will not only take the new one but Jace, Jessica, Jake, and myself. In fact she prefers to take us all because they focus mainly on the actual food you eat and it's important for everyone in the family to be on the same page.

So that is where we are. As for blogging....meh it's going to be random until I get back into the swing of things.Who knows how long that will take. My top priorities are family, relaxing, doing whatever the midwives need me to do, and preparing for baby. Baby...when he is born. And blogging will happen when it happens! I miss it like crazy but I have plenty of things to say for when I get back

Monday, January 6, 2014

Please Support Parents #2

(Still linking up each week for the My Four Hens 52 week Challenge. Rules can be found here. This weeks theme is  imperfection. My imperfection entry is showing an imperfect room with imperfect weather outside...and some grumpy people including me because it was our first day back to home school.)

It's time! Have any parenting stories to share? Here are the rules.

**The most important rule of all. NO NEGATIVITY. I mean it. I am a blogger who isn't afraid to block people and delete comments..I really don't give a eff if that makes me seem petty. Yes rights to an opinion blah blah...well I have rights in my mini space here.

**You may vent, brag, ask for advice and anyone may reply to you if they have something nice or supportive to say

**If you have a supportive story of a nice act you did for another parent or something they did for you to share go right ahead and share it.

**You can email me if it's something you don't necessarily want seen in comments. 

This is not a link up...just encouraging parents to be nice to each other!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

34 Weeks

Home stretch is definitely hitting me! I have been nesting like crazy while receiving gifts and hand me downs. I won't uncomfortable, tired, and emotional as I am now I will kinda miss being pregnant. I even shocked my husband and brought up having a fourth. I think he was a little scared by that question! He gave me the whole side eyed - wide eyed "slow your roll, can we finish this pregnancy first??" look.

So...updates! Like I said I have been nesting. All of his blankets and things I have received so far are washed and put away. I am making checklists as I go...NO clothing is needed. It's so nice. Anything I have picked up has been because it was a super cute outfit and I wanted it really bad. But did not NEED it. Though I do need some socks. And I prefer to have more shirts with the built in hand covers. I hate those darn mittens! They never stay put and it's just one more thing you have to organize and keep track of. I may have been making my husband crazy with all the youtube videos of babies I have been watching on our TV. I am wondering if that will change once I give birth...not sure if it will because mom videos are my favorites. I still have some adorable things that I purchased that I would like to show...just haven't gotten around to it. Not sure if I want to show it here or in a video.

One exciting thing is I can tell how close we are getting by how my midwives are doing things. They are giving me tips on trying to make sure the baby is head down, I have to buy a kit for them to use during my home birth, and then on my next appointment they will be driving to our home and having my appointment here so they can figure out how to get here. And I learned an interesting fact...I never knew this and now I feel "in the loop" but babies can actually feel things in the womb. Hot, cold, pain...everything. I honestly did not know that. I just thought they went off the mothers emotions. So one of the things the midwives have me doing is either having me put something really cold on the top of my belly or putting something warm on the bottom. A baby prefers their head near warmth so the baby will direct themselves where the warmth is.

You would think I would have a ton of interesting updates...but I don't. Maybe this is why they call this the "home stretch" since at this point it is all about waiting. Which is why the update posts have been further in between. At this stage I will just post if it's something I think is cool or useful!