Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Would you do a parent reward chart?

I ran across something that in my honest opinion is an amazing idea. I am 100 percent all for it and will probably do it! But for some reason I think some may side eye it a bit. I was perusing the pinterest pins for some more reward ideas for home school and came across a post for a PARENT reward chart on How Does She. And no I did not become side tracked on myself and not write down the ideas for the kids reward chart! Okay on one hand you get some wonderful compliments from your kids. Which let's face it..who doesn't love some nice things said to them by their kids. On the other it can seem a bit entitled to create one for yourself.

So here is my thing. I think parents deserve praise. Raising kids is hard and I am all for building people up! Yea sure I made this choice and I went into this knowing it would have it's challenges but who doesn't love a bit of praise. On your day to day basis you tend to unknowingly treat your most precious loved ones with a bit more tough love or harshness. I mean think about it. Would you walk up to a stranger and say "mom is having a rough day and I just can't play right now!" My guess is no. I am a person who believes that people deserve compliments and praise for doing something even if it isn't out of their way. It gives them a boost! I like knowing that I made someone feel nice.

Now what if I applied that to my kids more often....the two little individuals who I am with the most and need to make it known that their opinions matter. I am not saying I never pay them compliments or let them know their opinions matter. But sometimes I take their love for granted just as sometimes they take me for granted.

So this week I am giving myself a tiny bit of homework

1. Reflect and think about what I need to work on as a mom
2. Ask my kids what they think I should work on as a mom

The over all idea is they give me a sticker on when they think I am doing good.

Next week I will let you guys know how we plan on doing this and **gulp** throw myself under the internet bus and let you guys know what my kids think I should work on!


  1. I think this is a beautiful idea! I completely agree, parents need praise, too. You sound like a wonderful and kind person, Melissa, and a great mom!