Wednesday, December 4, 2013

More Christmas Stuff

We have our decor up. Yaaaaaaay!! But shockingly enough I decided that I was piling up too much stuff on myself with both baby things and Christmas things. I really needed to take it down a notch so I took some things off my diy list just wouldn't be me if I didn't "slack" a bit. I really need to learn how to just not pile on everything.

Write family note to send out with Christmas cards
Make Christmas cards
Ideas for photography
Come up with gift list
Take pictures for cards
send out cards
Start buying gifts- will start this weekend   I bought a gift for my friends baby so he is all done. Jessica is 100 percent done. Jace is aaaalmost there and I bought the "tradition gifts" Activity books, book sets, and pjs
food plan
wrap gifts

DIY list for decor
wreath-currently working on this one
advent calendar
Table runner to replace elaborate table decor
diy cards
gift wrap
gift tags

DIY list for presents
mobile for friends new baby

Start decorating - busting out the rest of it over the weekend!

DIY decor saved until next year
elaborate table decor- I had this idea in mind where I would make this really rustic looking planter box and stuff it with all this greenery and baubles and other ornaments and then on each side have twigs decorated with crystals in clear Next year.
tree skirt- a pretty burlap one that involved a bit of sewing.

So for our advent calendar we do an activity one. So far we have:
hand print Christmas tree.
Made a super awesome hot chocolate

I will have more updates for you next week. How is your Christmas planning going??


  1. I love all the pics. It's fun to see how other families do Christmas. Did you make the wreath? I love how artsy it is!

    1. I did. Thank you! I was trying to go for the whole thing covered in just ornaments but no no no. Absolutely no patience lol

  2. Oh my gosh, your kids are just so cute!! I love all of your projects, especially that last one of the tree! Just beautiful!
    Karen @ Karen's Soiree

  3. Holy moly, lady, you have a ton going on!! Good luck with everything! That hot chocolate looks aaaamazing!!