Thursday, December 12, 2013

31 weeks

I am now 31 weeks! It's getting down to the time where I need to have things a bit more ready. I am not too worried about having everything ready. I think as long as I have the basics ready I will be fine. Anything after that is just the fun stuff.

Physically and emotionally I am doing just fine aside from a few random outbursts. Yesterday was a rough one....basically so bad my kids AND I all balled our eyes out and had a super serious discussion on what I as a mommy needed to work on. I wanted to wait until Jake was home so we could all have a talk but honestly it couldn't wait any longer. You guys will get to hear about that gem next week when I talk about the parenting charts.

So I had my appointment with my midwives and this time it was with all three. Well 2 are midwives and one is in school to become one. They all chimed in when one couldn't find the right words etc. I actually feel like I am going into this with more knowledge. I love how they actually take the time to teach me things. Last time I was there they wanted me to journal what food I was eating...they were happy with what I was eating just not the amount. I admit sometimes I forget to eat. I know...bad. They taught me how to do baby mapping! It was the coolest thing and now I can do it at home. At this point in time he is in the correct posistion for birth. But I am 31 weeks so that could change. But I can feel his back, bum, and even grab his head. They also gave me a long list of everything I need to have ready for them when baby arrives. So I need to gather all those things and make my "at home birthing box". I have a nice long list of things I want to keep in the room with me!

Fun things..I bought some adorable baby things that I am waiting on! I have been slowly working on his little room where things like his dresser and such will be. Again if this all doesn't get done I am forcing myself to be okay with it!

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