Thursday, December 5, 2013

30 weeks

30 week update here. Wait....WHAT? That is 10 weeks to go...10!

No major changes except the stress issue. Kind of. I FINALLY got through to bio dad and I think he is seeing his dad on Saturday. I really hope this sticks.

I bought more adorable baby things that you will all have to see soon.

I have a midwife appointment so should have a more eventful update next week

I am getting into baby mapping. I won't be doing the intense painting or art work I have seen when women get into it but I like the idea of knowing if baby bean is breech or posterior/anterior.

A very sweet mom brought me some baby clothes, books, and a swing during the holiday party (which also went well)

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Wow! Time has certainly flown by! I'm sure it probably feels not soon enough for you! You look amazing! Also, what is baby mapping? I'm going to have to google it.

    1. I mean..I wish I could hold him right this second but it has flown by and that feeling can't come soon enough. But it feels like June (when I found out I was pregnant) was yesterday. My summer was an absolute blur.

      It's where you find out where exactly your baby is and what position they are in. And even which bumps are what part of the baby and where all the limbs are. For example a lot of people confuse the head for the butt. Majority of the time when you feel a super hard but medium sized bump it's the butt and not the head. There are a ton of videos and websites with info

    2. I looked it up and I remember trying to do some sort of primitive form of baby mapping when I was pregnant. Now, they go all out! As hard as I tried I could not figure out the bum from the head. I understand the feeling of wanting to hold the baby and having to wait. You're a great mom, Melissa! Best wishes and blessings!