Sunday, July 14, 2013

Just a life update.

Ugh....people I am not feeling any better. I am still all sick and couch ridden. I am starting to think maybe I should just suck it up and get my butt off this couch (as I sit here typing from my phone) . But I am a BIG baby when I do not feel well. It isn't anything bad with my health but it is life changing...if you have any guesses why pretty please keep those to yourself for now! I have a feeling I just gave it all away but I missed the blogging world and my store and had to do something.

Alright enough of that. Just wanted to do a mini update...our summer is going pretty well so far. The movie room is moving along nicely. Walls up and everything! We have some painted and others need a bit more work before they can be painted. A couple of light fixtures are up and Jake put up the screen for our projector. Pictures will be up when I can get them. But quite the difference since you last read about it.

I am still planning a girls weekend with one of my best friends who is pregnant! She is almost 6 months along and so cute with that bump. We are hoping to go soon. I kind of prefer before the school year starts so I don't have to worry about lesson plans and home schooling. But a weekend getaway is a getaway. I will take it whenever I can!

Well I am off to relax yet again. I will try to have a post up next week.


  1. I almost wrote the same update, except I do have health issues. How long have you been feeling bad and what are your symptoms? If you don't want to put it out for public view, I'm a private person myself.

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